Edmonton Data Science Community


Purpose: The Why

Our purpose is to foster a collaborative space where individuals passionate about data can come together to have meaningful and engaging conversations about all-things-data, from ML/AI to data science methodologies, from data orchestration to data ethics.

Facing a lack of consistency in organized data events in Edmonton, we aim to overcome this by creating opportunities for people to connect and learn from one another
Connection is key to this inclusive data community, as it brings together people from various backgrounds:
● professionals who have been doing data work for over a decade;● others who are still exploring what data route they want to take;● some who are attempting to pivot their career into data. 
With the concept of working with data being so wide and directly applicable to virtually any industry that has a technological component, we also need to harness the potential of connecting the different sectors - public, private, government, not-for-profit - to support economic growth, employment opportunities and better quality of life for Edmontonians.


Vision: The What

Our vision is for the Edmonton Data Science Community to be a safe and inclusive space for people in the data space to connect, collaborate, share knowledge and grow together. 
Being community-driven, we expect that the Edmonton Data Science Community will fill a bigger role as it grows, by creating opportunities for data professionals, students, academics and enthusiasts to connect, grow and build things together.
We hope to see future hires coming from our events, innovative business ideas and startups being born from conversations in this community, and projects in the data and technology field that will ultimately contribute to the economic prosperity of our city and our province.

Strategy: The How

We plan to implement our vision through a series of events that will help us grow our data community in both size and value.

The Edmonton Data Science Meetup is currently our flagship event, which started in Sep 2023 and we have been consistently running it on a monthly basis. 
The meetup consists of a speaker session, followed by Q&A and a networking component
We are currently crafting ways to improve the overall experience of attendees by actively collecting feedback from them. We are also partnering with local organizations to help us grow the community, deliver on our promise and help each other out in a sustainable way.


In addition to the monthly meetups, we started exploring other types of events based on what the community wishes to see. 
Our first hands-on workshop took place in Jan 2024 and it was focused on LLMs. We aim to expand the number and the scope of our events, including but not limited to:
● Monthly meetups● Workshops● Hackathons● Happy Hours (for networking)● Website / Newsletter / Job board● Mentorship programs

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