Alberta's First GovTech Hackathon

Do you have innovative ideas that could revolutionize how the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton operate?
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Our Speakers


Nate Glubish

Minister of Technology & Innovation, Government of Alberta

On October 21, 2022, Nate Glubish was sworn in to lead the newly created Ministry of Technology and Innovation where he continued to lead the modernization of government services and led efforts to attract more investment in Alberta’s technology sector. On June 9, 2023, Nate was sworn in again as Minister of Technology and Innovation.
Prior to his political career, Nate Glubish dedicated his professional life to building and investing in Alberta technology companies. He spent most of his 15-year career before politics as a venture capital investor, most recently with Vancouver-based Yaletown Partners, where he oversaw investments into Alberta-based technology companies.
He is passionate about helping Alberta companies raise investment capital to commercialize innovative new technologies and to export their expertise around the world. 


Martin Dinel | BSc, ISP, ITSP, CISSP

Assistant Deputy Minister & Chief Information Security Officer, Government of Alberta

Martin Dinel is a trusted information technology and cybersecurity professional with over 35 years of leadership experience. As Chief Information Security Officer for the Government of Alberta (GoA), Martin is defining the organization’s cybersecurity vision and strategy to counter cyber threats and ensure the protection of Alberta’s digital assets. His recent key achievements include:
2023 Alberta Premier’s Award – Cybersecurity Toolset ModernizationBoard Member with BSides EdmontonFeatured in the Public Sector Network's top 40 Global Innovators Publication in 2022Created and now chairs the CyberAlberta Community of InterestChair, National CISO Committee on Information Protection (NCCIP)Cybersecurity Champion and Speaker at various Cybersecurity and Privacy related events
Throughout his career, Martin worked in leadership positions in information technology and cybersecurity with various public and private sector organizations. In 2015, he joined the GoA as Chief Information Security Officer, taking on a mentorship role to develop a new cybersecurity centre of excellence, ensuring that Albertans can benefit from a strong, safe and secure Alberta cyberspace.


Celia Wanderley

Chief Innovation Officer, Bits In Glass

Celia Wanderley is a highly accomplished executive with more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector. Throughout her impressive career, Celia has held several senior leadership positions before her current role as Chief Innovation Officer at Bits In Glass, including being the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at AltaML for the last four years. Celia is well-known for her exceptional strength in envisioning and driving digital transformation initiatives, including the associated organization change management. Celia’s extensive experience in large scale technology transformation programs has allowed her to deeply understand enterprise solution and data architectures and business process optimization through technology, enabling her to navigate complex and emerging technological landscapes with ease. In 2023, Celia was honored with the AI Innovator of the Year Award by Women in AI for her work in helping enterprises in multiple sectors adopt Artificial Intelligence in their business. Previously, Celia played a critical role in co-leading the architecture practice for Deloitte Canada. Celia holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computing science.


Nicole Janssen

Co-CEO, AltaML

Nicole Janssen is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). 
As Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AltaML, a leading developer of AI-powered solutions, she has driven the company’s success in diverse sectors such as agriculture, finance, health, and energy
Nicole is dedicated to responsible AI (RAI) and has been recognized by the RAI Institute as a thought leader in its implementation. She has received numerous accolades, including being named one of North America’s Top 25 Women of Influence, and Woman in AI of the Year
Nicole is the Director at Edmonton Unlimited, the Canadian Council of Innovators, and serves as a member of the Future of AI Council


Wesley Paterson | CMC

President, Paterson Consulting

Wes is a renowned consultant, coach, and advisor known for delivering immediate positive change and substantial performance improvements across various sectors. 
Specializing in boosting sales, profits, and strategic execution for clients ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies and government entities, his practical and results-focused approach ensures optimized performance and ROI
Based in Medicine Hat "Sunniest City in Canada", Wes is an awarded professional, serving on the Board of Directors for ICMCA, involved in CMC Canada's MAS Program, and actively contributing to health and business advisory councils. Additionally, he offers mentorship, holds a 4th-degree black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, and advises for Zagitas, a company specializing in efficiency-enhancing virtual process robots.



Gail Powley

President, Technology AlbertaExecutive Director, ASTech Awards

Gail is Executive Director of the ASTech Awards, and President of Technology Alberta. With over 30 years of experience, as a process control engineer and then executive, Gail has worked for companies of all sizes including: Procter & Gamble, Treiber Controls (Aspen Technology), Matrikon (Honeywell), ATCO, the Alberta Research Council (Alberta Innovates), University of Alberta, and Willowglen Systems.
Recognizing the value of supporting innovation and innovative people – she has founded and/or volunteered in a leadership capacity with organizations such as the CHOA (Canadian Heavy Oil Assn - President), MentorUP Alberta (Co-Founder), BESTT (Bridge for Engineering, Science, and Technology Talent (Co-founder)), AWSN (Alberta Women’s Science Network (Director)) and Women in APEGA (Founding Chair), and Rainforest and Alberta Regional Innovation Networks.
Gail completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta.


Warren Johnston

Product Owner, Amii

Warren Johnston is the Product Owner leading the Talent Team at Amii, working to connect with and nurture Alberta’s growing AI and innovation communities. 
Passionate about building Edmonton up as a tech hub, Warren was part of the original team growing Startup Edmonton in the Mercer Warehouse, where he was instrumental in building and supporting a vibrant community of tech students, community leaders and entrepreneurs. 
Warren received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta in 2015, worked to help Drizly expand into Canada prior to being acquired by Uber, and owns and operates a modern beverage business called Above Average Drinks. You can find him at DemoCamp, and many tech/product meetups in Alberta!


Alec Wenzowski

Founder & CEO, Button Inc.

Alec Wenzowski is the founder and CEO of Button Inc., a specialized consultancy that builds loveable digital products. Button excels in translating complex business requirements into high-impact products that drive growth and success for organizations.
 Button has a special niche and affection for building products that integrate complex data sources and produce open data, insights, and business workflows. They work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and companies to build an inclusive tech ecosystem that welcomes everyone and celebrates success. Alec is a seasoned entrepreneur, mentor, advocate for digital openness, and overall technical human. His work has been implemented across the government, earth observation, finance, healthcare, and technology sectors. Alec enjoys experimenting with electronics, sailing, and building things in his shop.


Steve Wilkinghoff

CFO, Kinetisense

Steve’s is a best-selling author, CFO, and business analytics expert.

Steve brings over 20 years of experience in operational and CFO roles, as well as running analytics and data science projects, in the insurtech and healthtech spaces as well as inside private equity firms.

Companies he has worked with range from high-growth manufacturing, insurance, and software companies in addition to a range of other industries. His work has involved companies from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Romania, the USA and of course, Canada.

He has an obsession with helping high-growth tech companies create a solid data-driven and financial foundations so they can thrive and compete in competitive markets. Projects have included companies that have been recognized with membership on lists such as Inc. 500, Profit 500, Profit Hot 50, Venture 250, and Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

As the current CFO of Kinetisense (, an Alberta-based markerless motion-capture healthtech company with clients globally, he has seen first-hand how technology can create additional capacity in the healthcare space.

When he’s not geeking out about frameworks, analytics techniques, and financial models, you will find him spending time with his family, travelling overseas, or enjoying a nice pint of craft lager.

If you want a laugh, ask Steve about the time he was delivered to his Liverpool hotel in a police car, with lights and sirens on, after being mistaken for a mobster.


Andre Gallant

Advisor, Canadian Intellectual Property Office

André Gallant, JD (2002), Health Sci. Dip, Tourism Dip, is Atlantic Canada’s Intellectual Property (IP) Advisor for Canada’s IP Office, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. In addition to working in IP law, André has also worked as a tax lawyer for more than 10 years with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), with 2 large firms and with judges from 2 federal courts. Over the years, he’s also acquired experience in event planning.

To top it off, André is a published author, a frequent speaker and an amateur piano composer. Some of his publications were cited by other authors, including by judges in 3 different published speeches.

He was also formally recognized in publications as having assisted other authors on their articles for publication, including a Tax Court of Canada judge (as he then was), a CRA Assistant Commissioner (as she then was), an Emeritus Law Professor and two senior private sector tax lawyers.

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Are you ready to innovate?

Are you ready to innovate?

Join us! Alberta's first govtech hackathon is a perfect place to do just that. Come build better services for your city, province and all of Canada!

You are welcome to focus on any area of public sector at the municipal, provincial or federal levels of government to build your innovation.

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You deserve better.

Your ideas have the potential to shape the future of Alberta, making public services more convenient, efficient & transparent.
You will be provided with the ideas for your innovation, but you are welcome to solve any problem that bothers you in Alberta.
An outdated service, inconvenient website or a new service that should be introduced in Alberta or nationally - this is what we want to see.

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Am I the right person?

You don’t need to be tech savvy!
Just bring your curiosity and a knack for spotting problems that need fixing.
If you love brainstorming and coming up with creative ways to make government services better for everyone, then without a doubt - this event is for you.
We value teamwork, clear communication, and a big heart for making a real difference.
You can assemble a team of 1-6 people and you are able to participate offline or online.
If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, work with a diverse group of innovators like yourself, and use your bright ideas to improve public services for yourself and other Albertans - you are the person that Alberta needs!

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What should I expect?

30 hours to build and show your project!
What defines a good project:
The problem you're trying to solve;The prototype (MVP) of your solution/The presentation of your solution.
Remember - the hackathon is more like ideathon. It would be very difficult to build a full-fledged solution in 30 hours and we can totally understand that. 
Show us something that's worth watching. The time of your presentation will be defined by the number of teams and people and you will be able to present your solution the next day at the closing ceremony.

Read more here

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Lead the digital transformation

Connect with government officials, industry leaders, and like-minded innovators.
Discuss what needs to be done for the public sector, how you can help and why this is important. Your perspective could be a gamechanger for all Albertans.
You don't have to be a hacker to participate in the networking sessions of the event. You are more than welcome to come and join to network.

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Benefits of networking

●  Build professional connections.●  Discover job opportunities.●  Gain insights into government challenges.●  Collaborate with like-minded innovators.●  Learn from experts in the field.●  Access to mentorship and guidance.●  Explore new technologies and tools.●  Increase visibility within the tech community.●  Foster partnerships for future projects.

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Looking to partner?

We have a lot of partnership opportunities and the sponsorship packages that we make for our stakeholders. Besides the standard packages, we also have custom packages that we can offer.

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Looking to partner?

Click "Learn More" to contact us regarding the partnerships.

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Title Sponsor(top tier)

● Prominent logo placement on event materials, website, & social media.● Opportunity to speak at the event opening or closing ceremonies.● Dedicated booth space at the event for company promotion.● First choice of challenge topics to sponsor.● Exclusive networking opportunities with participants, speakers, and government officials.● Feature in post-event press releases and reports.● Access to a VIP networking dinner with key stakeholders and top teams. ● Opportunity to provide branded merchandise in participant swag bags.● Recognition in the event newsletter and thank you notes.

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Key Sponsor(mid tier)

● Logo placement on event website & selected materials.● Opportunity to host a workshop or mentorship session.● Booth space at the event for company promotion.● Inclusion in social media promotions.● Mention in the opening or closingceremonies.● Opportunity to include branded items in swag bags.● Recognition in the event newsletter.

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Community Package(free package)

● Logo placement on the event website.● Social media mention.● Branded items for swag bags.● Recognition during the event opening ceremony.

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How does it work?

If you will be able to fulfill any of the eligibility criteria, you will be able to be our partner for FREE!
● Be our info sponsor;● Bring the merchandise or samples of your product.

Why GovTech?

When I moved to Edmonton earlier this year, I was shocked to find out one can't pay for the bus with a phone here
I started MovEd to change this and build a community of people who support digital transformation to make life better.
I soon discovered more outdated services that are due for an upgrade. I'm sure all of you have experienced this before. There's just so much to improve! 
That's why I created Alberta's first govtech hackathon to promote the creation of new, modern government services!
Let's identify services that need an upgrade, whether it’s for your city, the province, or entire Canada.
Help me find the best ideas for hackathon challenges and let’s help build a fast, efficient and user-friendly government!
See the post on LinkedIn


This is a picture of me in July, visiting Edmonton Tech Wednesdays where I have been pitching this idea every week since May to improve the digital services and collecting feedback.